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Many of the Savannah fireplaces shown here are installed and burning in our Calgary fireplace showroom.

Why not stop by and see how your next Savannah fireplace will burn.

Savannah Galaxy 48 - Peninsula

Genesis Series

Available in 48 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Galaxy 48

$ 8,495.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah Galaxy 48 Fireplace

Genesis Heat Shield with new RTC technology

This contemporary, screen-free fireplace line produces heat, without the need for louvers or gaps in the wall, and is as easy to install and service as a regular gas fireplace!

  • Genesis family of 6 luxury linear fireplaces to be released this year.  Includes three peninsula and three one-sided fireplaces.

  • Genesis Heat Shield – with new RTC technology – Radiant Thermal Convection Control – combines all three elements of heat transfer to create the maximum efficiency w/ 42 optional heat levels

  • Heater rated unit - produces heat – pushes it down & into the room

  • Basic framing (no cement board needed) with no additional vents or louvres on the wall, no gap in the upper wall, no large expensive airflow management system – everything is contained within the fireplace dimensions (no heat dumps needed)

  • Stunning 48” wide Bayfront peninsula

  • Screen-free for optimum viewing pleasure

  • Warm glass system – safety touch glass well below maximum allowable - (glass still gets hot but not by as much)

  • Clear view with double wall glass technology

  • Variable fan speeds  - 6 level fan control, and 7 level flame control allows for 42 possible heat settings

  • 36,000 BTU’s on high w/ a big turn down!


Savannah BL936

Elite Series

Available in  36 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


$ 2,049.00


$ 2,439.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah BL936 Fireplace

Priced to sell, sized to fit everwhere the Savannah Gas Firepace BL936!

This is hands down the narrowest linear around. Only 8-3/4” deep for framing in the smallest of spaces. Savannahs' BL936 is a true 36” wide linear gas fireplace with modern linear look perfectly suited for the Calgary marketplace. With its strong flame and an attractive fireplace surround.

If you are looking to save space, money while staying with a contemporary gas fireplace, this is the fireplace for you.

Savannah BL21-DELUXE, BL21-EI

Elite Series

Available in 21 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price



$ 2,159.00

$ 2,529.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah BL21 Fireplace

Efficiency Natural Gas 65.1% The Elite BL21 is one of a kind. There is no other linear fireplace on the market today that can offer you such a sophisticated feel at a realistic price.

The Savannah gas fireplace BL21 has all the class of a modern contemporary linear fireplace but at a builder’s price!

The Savannah Elite BL21 comes standard with a river glass and river pebble kit and standing pilot, but there are many options to dress it up for your particular preference.

Savannah BLST 21 - See Through

Elite Series

Available in 21 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price



$ 3,379.00

$ 3,746.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah BLST21 Fireplace

Built off the Savannah Gas Fireplace BL21 Platform


This Savannah See-Thru Linear fireplace is the narrowest adaptable and affordable See-thru on the market today.


Savannah Essence 45 Deluxe

Limited Series

Available in 45 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Deluxe Model

$ 3,598.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah Essence 45 Deluxe Fireplace

There is no other linear on the market today with as many standard features as the Savannah Gas Fireplace Limited Essence 45.


The Savannah Essence 45 comes equipped with full deluxe package that includes electronic ignition, a dual fan kit, modulating valve and 7 day programmable thermostat remote that can adjust the flame 7 levels and the fan 6 levels up and down.

Savannah Pinnacle 55

Limited Series

Available in 55 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Deluxe Model

$ 4,526.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah Pinnacle 55 Deluxe Fireplace

The Savannah Gas Fireplace Pinnacle 55 is the flagship of our fireplace line. It is a 55” linear fireplace that will be the centerpiece of your living room.


Fully loaded with porcelain panels and deluxe system you cannot miss at such a reasonable price.


Plus, it’s 36,000 BTU’s turns all the way down to 21,000 BTU’s on low. A very versatile heating capacity!

Savannah Summit 65

Limited Series

Available in 65 Inch

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Deluxe Model

$ 6,527.00

Call us to get your price on a Savannah Summit 65

 Deluxe Fireplace

The Savannah Gas Fireplace Summit 65 is our new extension of our popular Pinnacle 55 linear.


With an extra 10” to play with the Summit 65 takes what everyone loves about the Pinnacle one step further.


Doing so with and extraordinary flame that only bumps up the BTU’s to a manageable 38,000 BTU’s. Meaning you can turn the fireplace on and leave it on, amazing for a linear this size!

Plus, only 17-1/2” deep for framing. Again, amazing!

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Galaxy 48 #1

Genesis by Savannah Galaxy 48” Peninsula fireplace