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Fireplace Service and Repair

Hearth Fireplace depot employs full-time technicians in Calgary and can diagnose most fireplace problems that arise.

​From temperamental pilot light to electronic failures, our technicians are experienced in fixing all fireplace problems. We will get your unit working in no time.

Fireplace Service and Repair

A fireplace clean and service is highly recommended by all gas fireplace manufacturers. An annual professional clean and service by a qualified professional ensures proper operation and safety.



  1. Clean and vacuum residue from logs if applicable.

  2. Clean and vacuum residue from burner if applicable

  3. Clean the venturi tube on the burner and check air shutter adjustments

  4. Clean and check the blower system, (including heat sensor and variable speed switch)

  5. Clean and test the thermopile

  6. Clean and test the thermocouple

  7. Clean and test the pilot assembly.

  8. Check gaskets and seals for leaks, (seal or replace if necessary- parts extra)

  9. Check valve readings, (gas pressure, ohms of magnetic coil and operator coil)

  10. Test for gas leaks

  11. Test for venting leaks

  12. Test for correct current to thermostat/switch

  13. Test for carbon monoxide spillage

  14. Test spill switch connections and current flow

  15. Clean the inside of the fireplace if applicable

  16. Clean and polish the glass in the door

What is included

Basic Clean & Service


Basic Clean & Service

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