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Amantii Electric Fireplaces | Calgary 


Some of the Amantii Electric Fireplaces shown here are installed and running in our Calgary electric fireplace showroom. Why not stop by and see how your electric fireplace will look.

Amantii Stove
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Symmetry Bespoke  50 - 60 - 74

Symmetry Bespoke Smart Series

The Symmetry Bespoke Smart Electric Fireplace is the most feature packed versatile electric fireplace on the market today. They come standard with built in fire sounds or if you'd prefer you can hook up your phone via blue tooth and enjoy your music through the built in speakers. If you don't wish to have another remote to contend with simply download the app and run all of the fireplace functions from your phone via wi-fi. A programmable timer and thermostat allows you to set the temperature of the room when you want it. There are a wide variety of media kits for a wide variety of looks and they are even certified for outdoor installation and make a great addition to your outdoor living space.

Tru-View - Amanti Electric Fireplaces

TRV-45, TRV-55, TRV-65, TRV-75, TRV-85
Tru-View Electric Fireplaces
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Avalabile in 45 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, and 85 inch

The True-View Series offers all of the great features of the Symmetry Bespoke but in a three sided fireplace that can be converted to corner right, corner left or single sided. They have expanded the series to include Xtra Tall, Xtra Deep and Xtra Slim versions as well.

Free Stand Series Steel Stove

Prism Series - Dimplex Electronic Fireplace


Steel Stove

The three sided panoramic design really helps you to appreciate the flame. Wi-fi compatible, just download the app to your phone. Three flame speeds. Multi function programmable remote control is included. Eleven colors of canopy lighting available. Includes 10 piece log set.


Cube Smart

The cube is one versatile 3 sided built in fireplace or stove  depending on how you choose to configure and install it. It is Wi-fi compatible so you can either operate it with the included full function remote control or download the app to your phone or tablet. It features a programmable thermostatically controlled heater. There are three colors of flame and an almost limitless combination of color levels and brightness options. There are also eleven colors of canopy lighting to choose from as well. If you choose to add the optional base speaker you will also have the ability to stream your music through your fireplace/stove. How cool is that?


Cast Stove

Real cast iron construction. Multi color flames and thirteen colors of canopy lighting. Ten piece birch log set. Remote control. High - Low 5,000 BTU heater

TRD Traditional Series - Amantii Electric Fireplace

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TRD Traditional Smart Series

Traditional Built In Insert

The TRD traditional series is available in Smart, Bespoke and Xtra Slim versions so there's a very good chance you will find the right fit in terms of size features and pricing. They are Wi-Fi compatible with the downloaded app and the Bespoke series is also blue tooth capable. There are six different media kits to choose from for a variety of looks. Programmable timer and thermostat functions. Three colors of flame with three speed settings as well as multi color canopy lighting. They are available in 26", 30", 33", 38", 44" and 48" sizes.

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